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Asiana International has its disposal the best Recruiting Specialists who are highly qualified and experienced to interview and select the best personnel. These Specialists are suitably equipped to handle interviews in all areas of staffing, including administration, technical, industrial, medical, IT. industry, etc. We help employers to hand pick the right candidate.

In our experience the more we work with one client the more efficient the process becomes. Each time we work with the same client we gain a deeper understanding of their requirement and this enables us to customize our service to suit their needs on time and specification, which directly benefit our clients. Our specialized skills cover vital business elements for success, such as Effective Team Management.

  • Effective Team Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Execution Skills
  • Countrywide network
  • Time Management
  • Vast experience complemented with the right expertise
  • A brand name respected by both the employer and the candidates.
  • Understanding the needs of international recruitment more than what others know.

Our Expansive Database

Our state-of-the-art database contains detailed profile of qualified and experienced candidates available for immediate placement in our experience the more we work with one client the more efficient the process becomes.

Data selection is by highly qualified and experienced team as per employment demand. Our candidate selection is based on their qualification, experience, skill level test, relationship, responsibility, personality, health, family background & psychological evaluation, etc. procedures.

Our databank developed over the years is updated regularly. We have presently in store a variety of classified according to category and job specifications .

Beyond recruitment/Client Relation

We have maintained a very healthy relationship with our clients with our close involvement with them so much so that we are considered more as their business associate rather than just merely being their recruiting agent. For most them, we are labeled as their Human Resources Department. In such areas, our advices and suggestions are well taken.

We are always with our clients at all times, everywhere and everyway that we could possibly render our services & support. Our relation with the clients does not end with the deployment of candidates. We go beyond recruitment and provide add on services to both the clients and the candidates deployed by us.

These include, but not limited to:

  • Visa endorsement services for candidates next of kin.
  • Tickets issuance & reservations for candidates next of kin.
  • Act as mediator in any client/candidate dispute to arrive at an amicable solution
  • Any other services sought from time to time.

Our Customer Service Support

  • We believe in services beyond customers expectations.
  • Deliver required persons on time as per contracts
  • Good communication at all time
  • Planned visits by our management team, as required
  • Procedures & systems are in place to provide efficient process from marketing to – placement
  • Clear contracts with our employers.
  • We believe in maintaining relations even after placements and provide after placement services.

Our quality services

With recruitment process, we endeavour to provide our clients with skilled manpower as per their requirement. We achieve this by:

  • Getting right sources of information
  • Advertising
  • Head Hunting
  • Job posting in our own portals
  • Evaluation of CVs thru experts
  • Preliminary/Walk-in/final interviews
  • Verification of certificates & degrees
  • Medical examination with registered doctors approved by the Consulate.
  • Establish good rapport with the Consulate for prompt visa endorsements
  • Maintain excellent relations with the travel agents/airlines for seat confirmations.