Our Office is situated at Pushpa Bhawan, the major business location of Delhi which is the Financial Capital of India. We have all the necessary infrastructure which are conducive to proper recruitment and deployment. For specialized skill testing, we do make necessary arrangements with the local government recognized technical institutes. Our county-wide network of branches and associate offices form the ideal base for providing a comprehensive range of services to our clients. Scouting out for talents in a country of over one billion population is by no means an easy task as the work categories are spread throughout the length and breadth of the country.

This is where our branches and associate offices play an important role. They are able to reach out to specific job categories in their areas and the right talents are tapped accordingly. Each region in India is different from the other vis a vis climate, language, talent skills, infrastructure and psychology etc. of its citizens. Asiana is fully aware of the market and able to identify and tap the right areas for selecting the right candidates. This is an area where Asiana has succeeded where other agents have failed. We have tie-ups with five-star hotels to conduct one to one interview with prospective candidates at short notice.
We have branch offices at Punjab besides associate offices at Bangalore. Plans are afoot to open more branches or associate offices in order to have a wider expanse of our Network.

For quick and effective communications with the candidates as well as Clients we have facilities such as Computers, Phone, Fax, E-mail, Internet, facilities.

We are committed to utilizing all necessary resources to consistently provide excellent customer service, skilled employees at competitive rates.

Asiana International is owned and managed by Mr. Surender Bajwa and Mr. Jaswant Bajwa, who have a brilliant experience in the field of recruitment & selection. Asiana has deputed more than 3000 personnel directly & indirectly in the various categories and fields.

The demand for "SPECIFIC" Indian personnel throughout the world and particularly in the Middle East is growing. To meet this ever-growing demand of our clients, we have set up a duly accredited company with the aim to place the right candidate, in the right company, as per the clients requirement.